Bullets, Primers, Powder

Bullets, Barnes 416 solids  400 grain
                       416 400 gr RN
                       338 250 gr flat base (triple shock)
                       338 250 grs  'X'
                       30 cal 180 gr XFB (Blue coated)
                       30 cal  168 gr  TXS Boat tail (match grade)
            Sierra   30 cal 150 gr, spitzer boat tail     
                        6mm,   70 and 100 gr Spitzer boattail
            Hornady    416 cal  400 gr RS
                            338 cal  250 gr RN
           Nosler 416 cal   400 gr
                     375 cal   300 gr spitzer
                     30 cal,  165, 180 grain spitzer
Primers    Federal   205 small rifle
                             215 Large rifle
Powder  (all 1 pound containers)
                       Hodgdon   H110, H322, and H4350
                       Winchester 296
                       Black powder, GOEX   FFFg
                       (KIK) FFg
prices based on quantity, call Don at 967-5585

For Sale Items

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