.50 x 140 Sharps

.50 x 140 C. Sharps Arms 1874 #1 Rifle (modern production)

Excellent condition. 30” octagonal Shiloh barrel, set triggers, Lyman tang sight. 
Included in this package is reloading equipment: .50 x 140 RCBS trim die and reloading dies, bullet swaging press and dies, 52 each C. Sharps Arms head stamped .50 brass (5 loaded), 50 caliber gas checks (~ 150-200), 520 grain .50 caliber bullet mold, ~ 10 pounds #1 alloy, ~ 20 pounds lead and lead wheel weights, lead furnace and ingot molds, fiber batting. Other miscellaneous: Numerous front site reticles, manuals for loading both smokeless and black powder, 2 each .30 caliber bullet molds and gas checks.
All for $3,600.00
Robert Spencer
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